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OMNICOMM fleet management solutions are used every day, all around the world, in multiple industries including logistics and transportation, railroads, telecommunications, oil and gas, ships and vessels, mining, construction and passenger transportation.
Omnicomm Vostok (Navigator) » offers fleet owners complete solutions to manage various types of fleets, monitor fuel, optimize fleet-related expenses and a range of services, including equipment installation, software setup, user coaching, maintenance & support. The company is an official partner of the largest Russian developer and manufacturer IoT-based telematics solutions – OMNICOMM.
OMNICOMM fleet management solution includes OMNICOMM high-precision LLS fuel-level sensors, on-board trackers – terminals, indicator displays and cloud-based fleet management service, Omnicomm Online — all supported by unique fuel data processing algorithms, which ensure that fuel-level data recordings are completely reliable and return an exceptionally high accuracy of 99.2%.


6A, Aginsky tract, + (7), Moskov, Russian Federation

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