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supply partners

Import and repairing service of mining equipment, Trade and retail trade of wear-resistant steel

Trade and order of high strength steel

Mongolia C02
Sutai Mining Services Logo 01
SUTAI MINING SERVICES LLC Sutai Mining Services LLC has been operating since 2010 for the sales and supply services of world top mining brands. Currently we are the official distributor... Mongolia E13
tavan bogd
TAVAN BOGD MANAGEMENT LLC "TAVAN BOGD MANAGEMENT" LLC is importing the world's leading technology manufacturer XEROX brand’s small and large print, copying equipment and its accessories,... Mongolia P06
B05 tech
TECHKING TIRES LIMITED With more than 13 years development, nowadays Techking has become the world-class player for mining and construction industry. We rely our growth... China B05
TELKO CENTRAL ASIA LLC Telko Central Asia LLC is a part of Telko Group and Aspo PLC. Our company has local sales offices and warehouses in 24 countries. We successfully combine... Kazakhstan H10
temso logo sergei
Temso LLC "Temo" LLC was founded in 2018 and is in the following fields including: - Foreign and domestic trade - Sale of mining dumps and lifts - Sale of heavy... Mongolia
THEDEVTEAM A small team of software engineers with many years’ experience of working with the mining industry United Kingdom F06-F09
TIANJIN LONGTOP MINING CO.,LTD Mining drilling machinery and supporting tools and equipment Mine ventilation equipment (Explosion-proof and non Explosion-proof) Mine drainage... China C06
tire service logo 11-03
TIRE SERVICE LLC - Heavy duty tire repair, tire supply, other equipment - Supply and maintenance of all kinds of gates, warehouses and workshops for mining and construction Mongolia
transhydraulic logo
TRANSHYDRAULIC LLC Transhydraulic LLC has been installing high quality of hydraulic cylinder and head. Also we have assembled lybricants automobile since 2014 in Monglolia. Mongolia L03
Transwest logo
TRANSWEST MONGOLIA LLC TRANSWEST MONGOLIA LLC is a Mongolian leading mining and construction equipment distributor with exclusive KOMATSU dealership rights. We are supported... Mongolia D09 D10 E09 E10 A11
trell real
TRELLEBORG WHEEL SYSTEMS(HEBEI)CO.,LTD Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Its innovative... China D04-D05
TSBON LLC In 1999, group of engineers came together with the aim of providing engineering solutions in equipment and pipeline installation services. Mongolia F13, G13
114. tsgn
TSGN LLC Mining machinery, equipment, tire, lubricants, and aid materials repairing and sales. Mongolia B11, C11
TT TOOLS LLC TT TOOLS LLC is ectablished in 2011. Our engineering human resource consists of skilled technicians have graduated in foreign and domestic universities... Mongolia K05
116. tumentumurt logo
TUMEN TUMURT LLC Our company was started trading of iron trade with named DURVUT in 1999 including over 10 people and then established in 2007 as Tumen Iron Co., Ltd. In... Mongolia J10
UKHAA SAR LLC Supplier of necessary goods and equipment for minig, road and industrial sectors. YATO’s official distributor /Poland’s brand ,hand tools... Mongolia H14
United belaz logo real
UNITED BELAZ MACHINERY LLC We are one of the biggest importer of heavy duty dump truck in Mongolia, official and exclusive distributor of Belaz heavy duty dump truck. Mongolia B10, C10
United Parts logo
UNITED PARTS LLC United Parts LLC is Mongolia-based supplier of differentiated consumable products servicing mining, construction, power generation, cement and mineral... Mongolia G06
logo taaruulsan
UNITRA LLC UNITTRA LLC was founded in 1999 with 100% domestic investment. We have been providing the world’s leading manufacturers for over 18 years to our customers... Mongolia A9, A10, A10 outdoor
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