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Mongolia Mining 2022 international mining & oil expo will take place on 14th - 16th of October 2022 at Buyant Ukhaa Sports Palace covering around 4600 sq. meters. In addition, outdoor expo space will feature vast number of mining heavy machinery and equipment.

OPENING HOURS: (Setting-up and disassembling)

The dates for stand set-up and dismantling, as specified below, must be strictly observed. For general safety reasons, the hall and the exhibition grounds are closed outside these hours. Exhibitors who need to work on their stands outside these times due to exceptional circumstances require the written consent of the show organizer.

Setting-up period: ... 10:00am – 05:00pm
Standing & freight move in (All Areas) ... 09:00am – 05:00pm
Exhibits positioning / decoration ... 09:00am – 06:00pm
Disassembling: ... 09:00am – 03:00pm

OPENING HOURS: Exhibition period

During the event, the hall is opened one hour prior to the official opening hour and closed one hour after the official closing time. The organizer reserves the right to impose special arrangements in this respect.

Official hour
Exhibition period ... 10:00 – 06:00pm
3rd floor, Look Mongolia Building,Tsagaan Khaalga, Khan-Uul District,
Chinggis Khaan Avenue 98,Ulaanbaatar 17032, Mongolia
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